Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Green Eyed Soul

!±8± Green Eyed Soul

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Green Eyed Soul marks a stark departure from Lari's previous work. As far away from country as it is close to, literally, soul, Lari, like her contemporary Shelby Lynne, doesn't shy away from digging beneath the placid surface into the dark underbelly of life within the insular communities of the deep South. Drawing heavily on her formative influences, Lari wrote and produced the album herself; she blends classic soul/R&B sensibilities with modern technology to tackle subjects such as love and the loss of innocence, conjuring up heady images of languorous, sultry Southern nights. In setting out to make music with no higher ambition than to please herself, Green Eyed Soul is an album whose hybrid of experience, influences and emotions cuts across accepted genres and speaks directly to the heart.

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